Social Media Marketing Trends – Trends that you need to know

Social Media Marketing Trends – Trends that you need to know

We all know that Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more have become an important part of our life. On average we all spend a good enough portion of our day using Social media applications.

These platforms have become a necessity in our lives. Major people including me have become so addicted that the first thing they need after waking up is mobile and social media applications to check the daily updates.

There are plenty of social media platforms and each platform has its own speciality. These all applications every now and then come up with new tools, methods and benefits to attract more users and maintain the existing ones.

2021 has already begun and no one knows what change will come in social media applications. But, again guessing about the same is fun no? Check out the social media trends to be a witness in 2021.

Social Media Trends in 2021

1. Social Media + Shopping – What else do you need

Previous year this feature of shopping from social media started and this feature will not end soon. Like before now you don’t have to leave your favourite social media platform to buy the particular product which you liked. Means, with just a few clicks you can buy the product which you liked from whichever platform you are using Instagram or even Facebook through the digital source of banking like Credit/Debit card or any other tools they are using.

Not all the companies are using this feature but again in a future large percent of business companies will start using this feature to improve the sales.

2. No worry about your privacy and security

To access every social media site today, you need to give up some details that certain people might find private. Whether or not our private information is in safe hands, the question is constantly posed. Oh, it appears that this issue will eventually be settled in 2021.

3. Influencers to Grow your business

Influencers are those people who have specialised in their particular field in terms of Fashion, Technology, Food and more. Nowadays, people have become smarter and not gonna decide to buy any products without getting complete knowledge and reviews about the product. They even check their reviews from the people they are following on their social media platforms and especially the influencer they are following or most famous on the social media platform. This is the reason why business nowadays is increasing the budget of influencers to promote the project. But again even Micro-influencers are helpful to target a limited audience if your budget is low.

4. Stories to Rule Digital Market

Snapchat was the first platform who launched this feature of Stories which lasts for and then disappears after 24 hours. After Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and even youtube started a story feature to stay in the market. There are millions of people who update and never forget to check stories on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Brands have realised the importance of Stories in terms of engagement and increase the trust factor of Customers. Thus, Brands have started to make on the spot and even fastest storytelling content to stand out in the competitive market.

5. Digital Customer Care Service

Previously people had to call and wait long to get Digital marketing services. Now Big brands don’t want to miss a chance to get positive and impressive feedback from their customers. Digital Brand image has become a thing and no brand would like to Ruin it, for which they have started to support their clients online and one message away facilities on all social media platforms to improve their brand image online and increase Conversion Rate ratio.

6. Video Content will be the Ruler

In today’s digital era Video content has become one of the most appealing things on the Internet. There is no doubt that Soon Video content will dominate all social media platforms.

No matter if it’s a Tik Tok or Like application’s 15-second video or long youtube videos or Instagram TV. Instagram last year started this Instagram TV feature to post long videos on Instagram only because everyone is liking Video content in comparison to others.

All big companies have started to create video content already. Every business in future will make strategies regarding video content for social media platforms because sooner or later Video content will dominate content marketing.

That’s all about social media trends!